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  • father's stories. Lazar Ristovski as The Traveler Jasmina Avramović as The Blackhaired Girl Dragan Maksimović as The Painter Enver Petrovci as The New Chief
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  • described as one of the noisiest. He was described as 'tall, stout, blackhaired, pock-marked, fierce looking, wondrous friendly in company' and when
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  • Bhriúin Seola) meaning the descendant of Ceanndhubhán "blackheaded" i.e. "blackhaired". One story of the song's meaning is of a grandparent calling out for
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  • Padraig O'Keefe's Reels: Dulaman Na Binne Bui; A Stor, A Stor, A Ghr, The Blackhaired Lass Reels: Gus Jordan's; Big Pat's Reel; Sweeny's Dream; Eddie Maloney's
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